A Senior Creative Copywriter in Brazil & a Football Betting Writer in China

I joined business school but never finished it. Then, I joined communications school but never finished it. And most recently, I joined and hopefully I will finish this portfolio one day.

Until then, this is all I have for you.
And if you get to finish taking a look at it, please, get in touch.


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Currently at AfricaDDB

Past Experience

CP+B | 2019 - 2020
GTB | 2017 - 2019
AKQA | 2017
Tribal Worldwide | 2017
J. Walter Thompson | 2016 - 2017
Y&R | 2016
Publicis | 2016
IDTBWA | 2014 - 2015
Loducca | 2013


The One Show
Shortlist | Experiential & Immersive Craft: Use of Sound
Shortlist | Radio & Audio: Custom Content
Shortlist | Radio & Audio: Innovation in Radio & Audio
Shortlist | Radio & Audio Online: Branded Podcast

Clio Sports
Bronze | Audio

Nominee | Auto & Auto Services

Brazilian Creative Club
In Book | Automotive: Promo or Direct
In Book | Automotive: Promo or Direct
Shortlist | Art Direction
Shortlist | Film / Animation
Shortlist | Automotive: Branded Content
Shortlist | Pets: Digital
Shortlist | Automotive: Direct Mail
Shortlist | Automotive: Design

Ad Stars
Shortlist | Design
Shortlist | Outdoor

Bronze | Strategy & Technique: Branded Content
Bronze | Film: Best Use of Sound


In 2018, Ford decided to officially sell the legendary Mustang for the first time ever in Brazil, and although it may be an expensive model, the news of the famous V8 arrival created a huge waiting list and to be in it you had to pay a costly fee. We created an immersive 360º audio experience inside a helmet that was sent to those future owners and introduced them to the world of the Ford Mustang with a lap guided by the first man to have ever driven this machine – American legendary pilot Dan Gurney.

Recognition: Brazilian Creative Club